List Of Surgeries Done To The Heart

Surgery is one of the effective ways of treating the various disorders of the heart. The heart is a sensible organ which is made up of millions of cells, tissues, veins and arteries hence it should be carefully handled on the basis of rectifying its defects. Let us see about some different types of surgeries done in heart, so it will be useful in heat care methodologies.

1) Heart Transplantation

Heart transplantation is one of the high-level surgeries which are done to a patient who suffers from the serious non-curable heart disease. it is considered as end-stage treatment in making the diseased heart to function again. It is a major operation which more risk factors as it is not easily done on all heart patients it needs to be done only on those who possess end-stage severities of the heart problem.Various Surgeries Done In Heart Fea 1

2) Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery may threaten you by its name, but the opening of the chest is declared as an opening of the heart. The large incision made in the center part of the chest is termed as open heart surgery. It is usually done in the cases of heart transplants, replacing or repairing the valves of the heart. During this surgery, an artificial bypass machine takes over the pumping action of the heart so that the surgeon may operate on the heart which is stable.

Various Surgeries Done In Heart Fea 3

3) Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgeries will be coming under the category of minimally invasive heart surgery. It is a kind of surgery which uses a small incision in the rib to operate the heart in the terms of where the heart care is needed. It is also done in the cases where the open heart surgery is applied.

Various Surgeries Done In Heart Fea 2.png

4) Aneurysm Repair

An aneurysm is the state of disorder in which the artery’s wall gets bulged or the muscle of the heart gets inflamed. The repairing process of an aneurysm is done as a surgery and it is one of the important treatments as it restricts the worse condition of an aneurysm. The worsen condition may lead to bursting of the affected arteries.

Various Surgeries Done In Heart Fea 2.jpg

5) Trans Myocardial Laser

It is commonly known as TMR, the heart disorder called angina is treated through this laser surgery. The lasers are used through tiny channels in the muscles of the heart.  It will be the choice for the patient who had a prior surgery approach. It will enhance the oxygen and blood flow from the heart.

Various Surgeries Done In Heart Fea 3


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