How To Treat Heartburns During Pregnancy?

During the phase of pregnancy lot of discomforts can be felt by the mother, in that heartburns are the one. Heartburns are caused due to factors such as acidic reflux and enlargement of the uterus. It will make you feel the taste of the food consumed and it will give a sore throat. At the last trimester of your pregnancy, you may frequently feel the heartburn sensations. How to treat heartburns during the pregnancy are given below which will be useful in the heart care factors of your body.

1) Drink More Water

Since most of the heartburns are due to the acidic reactions, drink more water to subside the acidic reactions. Also, it is found that heartburns can also be due to the dehydration of the body. So make a schedule to take more quantity of water in the day time.

6 Remedies To Stop Increased Heart Palpitations Fea 62) Almonds

Almonds are basically known for its richness in nutrients. Simply start chewing some almonds which help you with a soothing effect. The oils found in the almonds will neutralize the acidic contents causing the heartburns. Consume 5-6 units of almonds frequently with regular intervals.

How To Treat Heartburns During Pregnancy Fea 1

3) Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a glass of water mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it and add some honey for sweetness. Consume this liquid regularly; it will help in acid neutralizations. Using apple cider vinegar as a remedy will be one of the effective methods in heart care.

How To Treat Heartburns During Pregnancy Fea 2

4) Papaya

Papayas are rich in natural enzymes. Chop a ripe papaya and have it in a bowl, consume it frequently.  It will help in giving a cooling effect in your throat and stomach. Also, papayas will treat the heartburns effectively.

How To Treat Heartburns During Pregnancy Fea 3

5) Coconut Water

For a quick and instant relief from the heartburns drink coconut water. Tender coconut water will help you to neutralize the acidic discomforts in your stomach and it will clear the heartburns automatically.

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